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Max Conventions are THE Max Flagship Events for Building a Successful Max business, for **expanding teams, networks, and exposure, and for living a fulfilling and dynamic Max Lifestyle.


We are always Innovative and Creative.


Max International is prepared to provide you with exactly the information, skills, tools, and premiere products you need to succeed. We maintain forward progress-- always searching, thinking, doing, researching -- how to EMPOWER people with the Max Opportunity and to provide Max Products to people around the globe. Everywhere.


We believe people everywhere should have the opportunity to:

  • Improve health and wellness

  • Enhance wealth and stability

  • Achieve their dreams through personal development


This year's Convention in Playa Del Carmen is about offering you MORE of the ultimate Convention experience that combines Max best-business practices with the fun and passion of the Max Lifestyle.

Here's what our Max Associates can look forward to at the 2020 Americas EMPOWER Regional Convention in Playa Del Carmen:


More Major Announcements

We're always looking to bring the Max Opportunity to new areas and to continually innovate with our incredible products. Max Conventions are where you learn more about what's coming next.

More Special Presentations

Get hyped, get motivated, get inspired by our on-stage presentations. More guest speakers, more Max executive presentations, more Associate spotlights.


More In-Depth Training

Learn how to be the best from the best. Training at Max Conventions is the top of the line in business building practices, recruitment tips, and networking advice.


More Networking

This is THE place for Max Associates to meet, discuss, and share their wisdom, experience, and stories. More of your Max family is waiting for you at Convention.


More Celebration

More than on-stage recognition - Convention is the biggest and best venue for awards, highlights, and appreciation for all of the hard-working Associates.

and More Fun!

There's no place hotter than Playa Del Carmen and we're going to be celebrating all day and partying all night. Welcome to the biggest Max event of the year!

  • All-Inclusive Resort room for two

  • Two tickets to the 3-Day Max Convention

  • Event Breakout Sessions, Training & Executive Time

  • Luxury Amenities

  • Sun, Sand, History, and Endless Adventure

All of this for only $500 per person!

*Plus taxes and fees