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Playa del Carmen is regarded as one of the best diving destinations in the world. An abundance of vibrant sea life and dazzling underwater caverns create a mystery that motivates an adventurous spirit. On land, Playa del Carmen has become a modern version of the fishing village it once was. Spend luxury time golfing, exploring the Coba Mayan Village, waving hello to the playful spider monkeys at The Jungle Place sanctuary. Or, saunter the streets of 5th Avenue, shopping, celebrating the culture, spending time people-watching. Indulge in another Max Lifestyle Convention Destination. 

Playa del Carmen is one of the favorite destinations for vacation, especially in summer, according to Trip Advisor, as it is an idyllic place located in the heart of the Riviera Maya with fine white sand and blue-green waters, you will always find a Hammock and an umbrella to sunbathe and rest, especially in the edge of town that offers the quietest beach areas. If you prefer action, in Playa del Carmen you will find water activities such as windsurfing, jet skis, kayaking or diving in the impressive Mayan coral reef. Great musicians of Mexican and international jazz offer concerts every year. The beauty of the beaches and the many activities that Playa del Carmen has for you will force you to come back.

Stroll Along Fifth Avenue
Enjoy one of the many restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops. Walk through the festive streets and buy local handicrafts and produce. Sit down and have a drink while watching the multitude of people pass by.

Visit the Cultural Centers
Admire painting, sculpture and artisanal exhibitions. Enroll in a painting, music, dance, theater or literature workshop. Spend time with the open-minded and multicultural local community.

Take a Picture of the Portal Maya
Learn about the monumental Portal Maya sculpture by Tavarez Padilla, which was conceived to celebrate the beginning of a cycle of light. It foreshadows more than five thousand years of harmonic development, according to the Mayan calendar.

Learn About the 3D Museum
Kurt Wenner, the inventor of the interactive 3D pavement art concept, has assembled manifestations of perspective, illusion, and geometry, along with classical drawing and painting techniques in this museum.

Enjoy the Nightlife
Enjoy the great atmosphere year-round, along with the jazz and electronic music festivals. Don't miss out on enjoying a slice of pizza or delicious cochinita tacos. You will always find something open 24-hours on Quinta Avenida.


You can get to them easily by car or bus or take one of the choices of tours on offer. The most popular ecological theme park near Riviera Maya is Xcaret. Xcaret is a huge eco-park so it is worth getting there early in the morning to take full advantage of its beauty. You will get to see wildlife in its natural habitat surrounded by the most beautiful flora and fauna. There is safe snorkeling in the calm inlets, and there is even a natural underground river you can swim along to cool off. Don’t miss the spectacular Mexican Folkloric Show in the evening. A must-see for all the family!

Another very popular day out is to Xel-Ha, one of the world’s largest natural aquariums which is made up of a series of inlet and lagoon systems. Xel Ha means ‘the place where water is born’.

For those of you that love snorkeling, El Garrafon will amaze you with its natural beauty and its plethora of coral and multi-coloured fish found in the crystalline ocean.

If you are more into eco-tourism, looking for natural environments to get away from large crowds, Riviera Maya is good news, because much of the region is still not urbanized and it’s easy to find many amazing spots to become one with nature.


Chichen Itza

It was named last year as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. This is of little surprise as its size, symmetry and astrological importance are a testament to the Mayan civilization. There are many tours available, many stopping at the beautiful colonial city of Valladolid where you will also get to see some of the cenotes for which this area is famous. A visit to this grandiose Mayan city is a must for anyone traveling to Cancun.


Tulum is a Magical Town and a unique archaeological area in the world. Today, the ancient walled city of Tulum, which has been operating for 1,500 years, is a protected national park. It floods your senses with the mix of Mayan architecture, the scent of the Caribbean Sea, and feel of the green grass that surrounds your feet as you climb the Castle and enjoy a panoramic view from which you can identify any boat that approaches the coast.


Because of the shallow reefs, Cancun snorkeling is the perfect alternative for those that are not so keen on scuba diving. You will still get to see the beauty of the reefs close up.

Snorkel trips in Cancun will astound you with the array of tropical fish you will encounter. Grouper fish who change their color to match the background, flashing from spots to stripes to solid colors as they move from sand to coral is truly amazing to watch. The varieties of invertebrates turn this into an underwater kaleidoscope of color with corals and sea anemones, jellyfish, octopus, crabs, and lobsters.